Scenes from CEVA

25 January 2006
7:43 PM

We’re halfway done with our week-long summer camp. We’re also pretty much all the way done with our energy. These kids are wearing us out! I’ll be the first to acknowledge that playing with kids all day long isn’t exactly rocket science. But bring me five rocket scientists who can play for nine hours with 40 kids in 95F weather for six days and then I’ll be really impressed. The details of CEVA will wait for later. Until then, enjoy these pictures of the kids playing when the local firemen came to hose them down. As our field flooded and the mud flew, my fellow associate Tom said, “I just love Lord of the Flies day during CEVA.” That pretty much sums it up.

CEVA kids playing

Playing in the firemen-delivered water.

Running wild

A variation of Duck Duck Goose.

Boy in mud

Yeah, he did it.

Making paper

Making paper during a field trip to a local nature museum. After this station, one of the girls in my group said to me, “I had no idea you could do all this with garbage. I’ve just been throwing it out all these years!”

For more details and, of course, more pictures, tune in later at the same bat-time, same bat-channel. Or you could look at pictures yourself.