The Road to Peru recap

9 July 2006
6:00 PM

Ask, they say, and you shall receive. It turns out that it does work that way, at least sometimes. On June 27 at 8:30pm, I asked for $500 to help with fundraising for our trip to Peru. On July 6 at 10:30am, we reached our goal. I was also pleased to receive several enthusiastic and supportive messages from donors. Thank you for all the generous support you offered.

We are working on raising the remaining funds from other sources, although if you are itching for a post card from Peru (yours for $15), we’ll happily accept an extra donation. You can continue to use the same form as before. Alternatively, if you are interested in supporting the Holy Cross Associates program in general, tax-deductible donations are accepted online at their site.

Thanks again to all those who offered support in words or dollars—both are much appreciated. Stay tuned for later updates about what is now our road to Peru.