Spring blooms

20 August 2006
7:48 PM

Blooming almond tree
Our almond tree blooms.

The almond tree in our yard bloomed last week. I think it may have been fooled by the spate of gorgeous weather we’ve had lately. Last year it did the same, a late storm stripped it of its flowers, and we never had any almonds. So, though I’d like to believe that our tree knows its stuff and that winter has ended, its track record isn’t great. Perhaps the seasons will have mercy and change for the sake of a foolish tree. (On a side note, if I wrote fables, I think one about the brave almond tree would have a nice ring to it.)

In the meantime, Emily and I washed our dust-covered sandals today to take advantage of the lofty temperatures. If that, combined with our almond tree, aren’t signs of hope, I don’t know what is.