Easter Spades

21 April 2003
11:57 PM

Easter break was excellent: work, play, food, redemption. Sean, Chris, Kate, and I stayed here in South Bend which gave me plenty of time to rest. We watched Stand By Me, Almost Famous, and the third season of Friends. Yes, the whole thing. Easter morning we went to brunch at my roommate Michael's house which was fantastic. And, Mrs. Busk gave me lots of coconut cake to take home, so I couldn't have been happier. Then, Chris helped me break my Lenten video gaming fast by playing several hands on Yahoo! Spades. To finish off the day, we got near-front row seats at the student Easter Mass at the Basillica. The Folk Choir busted out some phat Easter grooves, as the young folk these days might say.

Right now, I'm trying to put together some ideas for my final Core project. We just read the Tao Te Ching which, aside from being good, means I have read the three most published books ever: the Bible, the Bhagavad-Gita, and the Tao Te Ching. I also read Thomas Merton's New Seeds of Contemplation, which I thought was very good (there are a fantastic number of superlatives in this post). Here's an excerpt about the danger of being an individual:

I have what you have not. I am what you are not. I have taken what you have failed to take and I have seized what you could never get. Therefore you suffer and I am happy, you are despised and I am praised, you die and I live; you are nothing and I am something, and I am all the more something because you are nothing. And thus I spend my life admiring the distance between you and me ...

7 class days left, and only 2 papers, 2 projects, 1 exam, room inspections.... It will be a very long and short seven days.