The Halfway End

8 May 2003
12:57 AM

Two things that bother me:

  • Excessive use of exclamation points!!!!!
  • Using the same letter tooooooooo many times

I really care more about the exclamation points and I almost never use more than one. If you really need that many, don't you think you should have used some more powerful words from the get go? In any event, even I will use the same letter several times in a row for emphasis every now and then. Now is one of those times:

I am sooooo close to the end. So far I've finished four classes, leaving my economics and philosophy exam. And then I'm halfway done with college. How about that. It's a little disconcerting to talk to people who are going abroad next spring and say, "Well, see you senior year!"

Good things deserve attention, so here is my plug for the latest good things I've seen. X-Men 2 was awesome. My roommate David bought 35 tickets for us. It's definitely an action flick, but it's also thought-provoking and just plain lots of fun.

Second, I am a self-confessed Apple fan, but their new music store is just too cool. Right now it's only available to a select crowd—people with Macs running OS 10.2 and iTunes 4—but I think the idea is really going to catch on. You can buy any of over 200,000 songs for $1 and then download instantly, play, and burn 'til you can't listen any more. I've chipped in my couple bucks already for the latest ear candy.

In all likelyhood the next time I write will be 53 economics questions and 6 pages of philosophical writing later. And then I'm done. Halfway.