Great Mercy and "No."

9 May 2003
9:48 PM

It's been a wild ride, but I'm done. Today had its victories and defeats.

Victory: In what he called "an act of great mercy," my philosophy professor cut the length of my exam in half. Instead of 6-10 pages, it only had to be 3-5 pages. I stayed up until 4am, woke up at 10:30, and finished my paper by 1pm, 4 hours ahead of schedule. And that was the last of school work for some time.

Defeat: I took nearly $400 worth of books to the bookstore and waited in line for about half an hour. The cashier then looked at my books and had the following conversation with me: "No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. We'll give you $2.50 for this one." I told them to keep the book and not to waste my time with a receipt ? I would have had to stand in another line to redeem it anyway. This is a new university bookstore low. The worst part is that the books I told to sell back aren't even worth keeping. My economics textbook has intellectual gems like this one, pointed out by my former roommate David: "The expected inflation rate is the inflation rate you expect." Brilliant.

Victory: We successfully de-capeted our dorm room, which took an effort so gargantuan that I won't even try to describe it here. However, this leads to...

Defeat: My room doesn't bear any resemblance to the home we made it during the school year. And on top of that, my roommates are trickling away one by one, which we are all sad about. I was the first to arrive at the room in late August last year and I'll be the last to go. Though classes are done, I'm staying during Senior Week to work on Scholastic.

So tired...must rest...