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30 April 2006
8:30 AM

You can’t satisfy everyone: I write too much for some people to keep up and not enough for others. For the first group, I don’t have any good solutions; for the second, I do. There’s only so much time I can spend brainstorming, drafting, and holed up in internet cafes. But I’m not the only one in my group who does it, so there’s plenty of written fun to go around. So take a break from today and check out some of the following highly recommended stuff.

Tom recently posted a hilarious narrative of his seafood-purchasing outing on Good Friday:

We would do a mariscal, and i offered to help without knowing what that would really involve, something that has become quite typical in my life here. As i was leaving Shannon and Nelson´s apartment, i asked Nelson what he wanted me to do. His reply was that i should go with him to help in the buying of the sea food. Sounded easy enough.
“Okay,” I said, “when should i pass by your house?”
His reply: “I’d like to head out of my house at 4:30 in the morning on Friday. So, it may be best if you spent the night here on Thursday.”
I tried to control my facial expressions, and only narrowly avoided soiling myself from shock. (“4:30!?!? What is he thinking? Is he crazy? Or, is he just a guy who loves him some mariscal?”)
“Is that too early?” he asked.
“No. Sounds good,” I said. (Continue reading)

Time in the U.S. doesn’t stop while we’re in Chile. Nothing is a better reminder of that than the fact that entire people can be created and released into the world while you’re gone. With the recent birth of his new niece, Roy wrote about just that.

So this whole time I have been told that my sister is pregnant, but its been kinda hard to believe mainly cause I havent been around her to see it. Her whole pregnancy happened while I was away from the house. So I think I have been doubting the whole thing - and kinda believing that it was a conspiracy that my whole family was involved in to bring me back home. I mean I think I had about three pictures of her “pregnant” but to me it seemed like she had a pillow underneath her shirt. (Continue reading)

And finally, even though we live here in Chile, sometimes it’s nice to try being a tourist. One morning, Emily write, “I woke up early, realized I had nothing to do, and decided to walk to the plaza and catch the next bus into the city.” For a brief tourist encounter with pictures, finish the story.

If that’s not enough, I have a few photos that you can look at. Well, 2753 at last count. But one friend of mine did it, so I suppose you can too if you get bored.