Got any new anglo stuff?

2 May 2006
3:15 PM

When we were traveling south in Puerto Montt, we stopped by a shopping mall to pass some time. Roy, Tom, and I hung out at a typically overpriced mall CD store. You know, the kind that sell CDs for $17 when you could get the same thing from for $13 or Apple’s music store for $10. On top of that, CDs here in Chile are ridiculously expensive. I saw a variety of recent releases for $15,000 pesos—about $30.

The expense aside, the store had some intriguing categories for its music.

Anglo pop/rock

As if “Anglo Pop & Rock” weren’t enough, there’s also …

Black music

Be sure to note that “Black music” includes Eminem.

I’m not sure if these categories would fly in the U.S. today. We got a good chuckle before we got booted from the store for (a) taking pictures and (b) not buying any CDs.