Welcome to Sucre

15 December 2005
4:10 PM

Relaxing in Sucre

What do The Netherlands, South Africa, and Bolivia have in common? All three have separate capitals and centers of government. While most of Bolivia’s government has its headquarters in La Paz, Sucre is officially the country’s capital. Many people consider Sucre Bolivia’s most beautiful city. After our visit I have to agree that it is a lovely place to visit.

In Potosí we drained most of our energy in the mines so we spent our time in Sucre relaxing. The city is home to clean parks and impressive vistas. We hiked up the city streets for a dozen blocks to arrive at the Recoleta Museum. Like many things in Sucre, the museum was closed during the weekend. No matter—we sat down, enjoyed cold lemonade and beer, and admired the stunning view of the city. All of the red roofs in Sucre remind me of the buildings in Florence.