Sink This

16 April 2003
11:02 PM

There's a song by the Ohio Players which expresses the general musical theme that "your love is like a rollercoaster, baby." After this week, I've come to understand that "your love" should be interpreted as "South Bend weather." No joke. This Wednesday we hit 85F, which broke the record 82F in 1976, when my mom was a senior at ND. How about that. People have commented on the sad state of affairs that has lead to extensive weather commentary in this blog. No more, I promise. I'll just suck up what South Bend has to offer.

Here's a story for you: every year Fisher, one of the dorms at Notre Dame, hosts the Fisher Regatta. It's a boat race across St. Mary's Lake and Carroll Hall has won the past three years running. Unfortunately, last Friday before the race, it came to our attention that someone had stolen our boat. In fact, a group of Fisher guys sunk our boat in the lake. What I am about to relate (quickly) to you is a series of events that is sure to go down as legend.

We rescued our boat at 1:30AM the day of the race and began extensive repairs: recaulking, structural reinforcement, and drying with box fans. Through some minor miracle, Carroll's entry was ready to race in the Regatta about 12 hours later. After powering through its first heats, Carroll's flagship beat Fisher in the finals of their own Regatta to bring home victory for the fourth straight year. Could it be any sweeter? Yeah, if there were pictures.

Tomorrow is the last day of classes before Easter Break. We're closing in on the last few weeks...