Fatigue Detective Work

12 November 2004
1:55 AM

Rather than just talk about how tired I've been this week at school, I thought I'd give a little demonstration.

Here is a sample of notes that I take during a typical class day:
notes good

These are notes from my class on U.S. diplomacy & foreign relations. This class's topic is the first Gulf War. My handwriting isn't perfect, but the words are mostly intelligible and the sentences fit together pretty well.

Now here is a sample of notes that I took during Tuesday's class on Yugoslavia while I was extremely tired:
notes bad

Not only is my handwriting worse, but you can see tell-tale "sleep marks" on the page (circled in blue). Those are the little random lines here and there that happen when I lose concentration and my pen falls against the page. Plus, some sentences (e.g. the one circled in red) visibly degenerate into nonsense: "Now, without a leader the ... was ... there ... ?" Hmm. That's helpful

Thankfully, I can say this paragraph was by far the worst of the day and the ones following it were better. But I had better get some more rest, or else ... bed ... pillow ... sleep?