A Tree-Killing Week

7 November 2004
3:40 PM

The last several days have been marked by lots of work. I wrote a paper on Aristotle for last Tuesday, a paper on Aquinas and Arnauld for last Thursday, and several pages of my senior thesis on Searle for Saturday. I'm not sure how many sheets of paper are in a tree, but I took down about 20 pages this week. Plus, I had a test in my computer programming class Friday morning and was on duty in Carroll Hall last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Change is in the air. The leaves have changed color and are now, for the most part, gone from the trees. The forecast predicts snow either this week or next. Sadly, the last home football game of the season is this Saturday.

As many seniors are (some more aprehensively than others), I'm looking at the future. It's a rare week that goes by without someone asking, "So...what are you doing next year?" Right now I'm looking at a variety of service programs in South America. One that looks particularly exciting is the Holy Cross Associates program in Chile. The application process is particularly competitive—only 3 to 5 people are accepted to the program each year. I had my preliminary interview earlier this week, and I should hear if I will be one of 12 who complete the application process this week or next.

Until then, though, I'll keep writing papers, taking tests, and enjoying the fall.