The madness begins

9 June 2006
8:45 PM


Today when I walked into the cafeteria at Pascual Baburizza, I noticed immediately that something was different. Students weren’t lined up like usual; professors in their lunch room were silent; the typical din was replaced by one stereophonic sound from a few TVs: a commentator on the Germany – Costa Rica World Cup game. So it’s here—the 2006 World Cup. And I’m here—that is, in South America, a continent dominated by soccer fans. Everyone is glued to the results.

One professor asked me who the U.S. is playing next. I said I didn’t know and he scoffed. “You don’t really care much about soccer in the U.S., huh?” he asked. I told him that our sports attention was filled mostly with football, basketball, and baseball, but that many people did follow the World Cup. But what do I know—I’m not even in the U.S. right now. Maybe Cup fever is sweeping the country. In the meantime, I need to get caught up in the craze fast if I want to be able to talk to anyone in the new few months. Go U.S.! Boo Italy, Czech Republic, and Ghana!


There is a little bit of World Cup Fever here in San Francisco. One of the English pubs here is opening at 6 a.m. so people can watch the England-Paraguay game live. Ah, drunk fans at 6 a.m. - reminds me a little of football season at Notre Dame!


I hope the professor sat you down and showed you the error in your ways regarding your Cup ineptitude! Monday’s game against the Czechs is CRUCIAL to our chances to advance out of the first round! We’re in the true GROUP OF DEATH…not Group C like the Europeans keep complaining about.

If you see that prof again, let him know that there are plenty of fans who follow the Cup … who have trouble sleeping thinking about our draw.

As far as Costa Rica goes, they put up quite the fight against the Germans. I can’t imagine how tough that was to play in the opening game against the host country. Wanchope is hitting on all cylinders right now, and if it weren’t for 2 of the greatest goals I’ve ever seen, they come out of that game with a 2-2 draw. So, they have hope!

Man. I bet your sister is truely dissapointed in your lack of Cup thoughts. SHAME.

Next time those Chileans give you any crap, ask them when Chile plays…the answer can’t be any sooner than 2010. Czech Rep is 2nd in the world and only a fluke. Italy and Ghana are going down!

Matt Kuczora

on June 13, 2006 2:56 PM

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