Fall Break Approaching

14 October 2004
2:55 AM

We're in the middle of midterms week here at ND and it has been mercifully easy for me. I took all my midterm exams two weeks ago and wrote my midterm papers last week. Now I'm just trying to get some work done on research for my senior thesis before break begins on Friday. On the thesis front, I am rapidly approaching a definite research program, which is comforting since the deadline is also rapidly approaching.

What exactly am I researching? Fortunately, I'll save the details for a later time but the short of it is this: an area of cognitive science, specifically John Searle's argument against the brain being a digital computer.

Friday I leave with Vince, Percival, Kevin, and Vince's brother Michael for Philedelphia, PA and the Notre Dame/Navy football game. Just 36 more hours....