Saturday night concert

10 September 2006
2:50 PM

Saturday night I went to a concert put on by the University of Santiago, Chile. It was supposed to support something related to public education (maybe connected with the school strikes a few months ago), but what that amounted to was a lot of talking while the acts changed. Fortunately, there were a couple of excellent Chilean bands, including Inti-Illimani Historico and Illapu.

I placed all my hopes for the evening on hearing my favorite song by Illapu, “Lejos del amor” (“Far from love”). This is somewhat like when I went to Billy Joel’s concert at age 15, hoping to hear him sing “Uptown Girl,” though less futile; as far as I know, Billy Joel doesn’t sing that song anymore after his break with Christie Brinkley. Fortunately, Illapu did not disappoint. Their second-to-last song was my fave, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

For a taste of Chilean folk music, you can listen to a snippet of “Lejos del Amor” on the iTunes Music Store.