What are you teaching them?

6 September 2006
4:03 PM

At Pascual Baburizza today, I didn’t have to help with the afternoon class. The reason is that my seniors are attending a workshop on sexuality. Instead of attending myself, I decided to spend the class period in the computer lab. As I waited for the computer to boot, I glanced at the papers next to the machine. The header read, “WORKSHOP: ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION.” Isn’t that a little bit much for an afternoon workshop, I asked myself. I got more concerned as I read on: “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my name is Ricardo Consuelo. I graduated from this high school, Pascual Baburizza, and this afternoon I am going to give a talk about artificial insemination. The advantages of artificial insemination….” At this point, I hope you are at least as concerned as I was. They’re discussing artificial insemination at a high school talk on sexuality? What kind of messed up culture is this?

Fortunately, I continued reading and eventually realized that the papers were for a lecture on bovine artificial insemination. Since I work at an technical agricultural high school, that isn’t nearly so shocking. I must admit I was still a little distressed. (I suppose it serves me right for reading someone else’s papers.) The paper outlines the necessary tools for artificially inseminating cows, which include a thermos, a thermometer, and gloves. Call me chicken, but count me out of this one.