Digital Scavenger Hunt

4 August 2005
1:15 AM

I’ve written about orientation with Holy Cross Associates, but lest you think it’s all work and no play, I should report on today’s game. Each house went on a digital picture scavenger hunt across campus. For 90 minutes, Caitlin, Roy, Emily, and I ran back and forth trying to take 20 specific pictures. The rules specified that each photo must have at least 2 house members in it, and each can only count for one category. Here’s the scavenger hunt list and a glimpse at our digital film roll:

  1. with a campus squirrel (bonus: squirrel on a trash can)
  2. with at least 15 people (bonus: 20 people)
  3. with a member of Notre Dame Campus Security (bonus points if inside police car—just as long as you haven’t done anything illegal)
  4. with the funniest sign you can find
  5. with an enthusiastic Notre Dame fan
  6. posing as mannequins in a display window
  7. best example of simple living
  8. worst example of simple living
  9. with a duck or swan (or this one)
  10. community bonding
  11. doing a public service
  12. with a convertible (bonus for being in a convertible) (or this one)
  13. a flying liquid
  14. climbing a tree
  15. spelling “HCA” with your bodies
  16. swimming in a lake or fountain
  17. playing a sport
  18. with a celebrity
  19. with pretty flowers
  20. fitting into a small space