I Have Something To Do!

20 January 2005
6:33 PM

My alarm went off at 9:50 this morning. Instead of falling back asleep, I lay awake almost an hour.

The reason? Yesterday I got a call from Holy Cross Associates, which would have been more eventful if I had been around to receive it. Instead, I got a voice mail asking me to call them back. That meant one of two things: either they wanted to ask follow-up questions, or they had an answer for me.

At 10:40, I finally decided to make the call and dialed TJ with Holy Cross Associates. I spoke with him and he told me HCA wanted me to be part of their program in Chile! I need to give my reply by next Monday. It's really nice to know that I have the opportunity to do something great like this next year. Plus, my parents are probably excited at the prospect of me not living jobless in the basement for the next couple years. In the meantime, I'm relieved that I don't need to keep working on other applications.