I Got A New Attitude

28 July 2003
1:14 AM

After a couple weeks of on-and-off tweaking, I put the latest revision of my site online. It's a mishmash of HTML, CSS, and a tiny bit of PHP. Basically, it's a site held together with liberal application of duct tape. My ultimate goal is to be able to manage all the site content remotely so I don't need to be at my computer to make changes. There are all sorts of systems that would probably help me do this, but I kind of like putting it together myself.

Last week was surprisingly busy at work for a week with a holiday. I spent almost 20 hours preparing for some focus groups taking place this week. It was really interesting to see all the preparation that goes into hosting a group. I shouldn't say more than that, lest I find myself in the middle of some confidentiality agreement breach.

The Scholastic project is going quite well. I spent several hours working on it last week, both writing and designing. I also got some advice from two sharp design guys at work. They gave me some really helpful tips for improving the look. I'm contemplating adapting a version of the manual for general use and posting it on the site.

Only 8 days before my trip to Minnesota. The summer is flying by....