From the ashes...

28 July 2003
9:30 AM

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Here's the latest in the online music saga:
Some time ago, Roxio bought the rights to the Napster name for $5 million at a bankruptcy auction (Roxio is known for making Easy CD Creator for Windows and Toast for Mac). According to a article, Roxio will be introducing Napster v2.0 around the time of the Christmas season. The article says the new service will offer 500,000 songs for download, transfer to MP3 players, and recording to CD.


Apparantly the new Napster will be a subscription-based model where you pay a monthly flat fee and get to listen to all the music you want. I haven’t seen many more details, but generally subscription services limit your ability to burn songs. I can see how it might be appealing to some people, but I much prefer the ownership route buymusic and Apple’s iTunes store are taking. posted a roundup examining all the new music services that are starting.