Alcohol in South America

13 July 2007
8:00 AM


In the U.S. would you ever see a 12-year-old buy a bottle of wine for his mother at the corner store? How about this drive-thru liquor store in Bolivia? Note that this drive-thru is not merely drive-up, like many so-called “drive-thrus” in America; you actually drive through the store.

Drive-thru liquor store in Bolivia

What about a wine tasting in your local Walmart? This one is at the Lider down the block from our apartment.

Wine tasting in Lider supermarket

These were a few sights that called my attention here. They made me think, “You’d never see this in the States.” Then again, you have to realize, I’m from Utah.


The entire time I was reading this post, I was thinking, “Man, this wouldn’t happen in Utah for a million years.” I smiled when I read your last sentence.


Michael (Your Brother)

on July 18, 2007 11:02 PM

That wine, or wine cooler to be specific.. is nasty.

I would highly recommend NOT taste testing this “cartonet” at your local hypermarket.


To each his own, I suppose. My tasting squad gives high marks to the Fressco coolers, especially 4-Ball and Map, and to a lesser extent Lawn Chair. The rest, e.g. Butterfly, 8-Ball, 1-Ball we can do without.

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