Missions in photos

22 January 2006
3:17 PM

I recently wrote about my missions trip with Saint George to southern Chile. One detail I neglected to mention is the amazing scenery we were treated to. For example, at a rest stop during the bus ride, I looked towards the horizon and saw a giant snow-capped volcano rising over the countryside. Like usual, I took lots of picures during missions so I thought I would share some here.

Saint George students

On January 2, we left Santiago with about 80 student from Saint George’s College (which is a high school, not a college). Veronica, Feña, and Sandra were three of the girls in my group.

Trekking through San Floretnino

Sanda and Damián walking along a dirt path while visiting people in the morning.

House in the country

One of the many houses we visited each morning.

Wild berries

We saw all sorts of foods growing in the country.

Cow Pig Horse and llamas
Ducks Rooster More cows

Among the animals I saw in San Florentino were cows, horses, llamas, sheep, pigs, ducks, chickens, and dogs.

Potato carry Searching in flour Juggling ball

We played all sorts of game with the local children in the afternoons. In an obstacle course we created, each person had to carry a potato on a spoon with his mouth, search for a piece of candy in a bowl of flour without hands, and juggle a soccer ball.


One afternoon a rainbow arched over the countryside.

For even more photos, you can view a slideshow on Flickr.