Volleyball tournament ends

21 November 2005
5:18 PM

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Photo from Stephen Taluja.
(from left to right, back row) Roy, Ryan, Stephen, David, (front row) Oscar, Nanja, and Jovito

Today ended the Institute’s volleyball tournament that started just a couple weeks after I arrived. Our team Siempre Listo (“Always ready”) fared moderately well. We chalked up a few victories against the professor’s team, although that unfortunately resulted in extra homework the next day. In the end, I think we came in second place, though it’s tough to tell because I didn’t understand the format of the tournament. Now that volleyball is done, we’ll have to move on to basketball and fulbito (a downsized version of soccer with a smaller, hard ball).


I can’t believe you only placed second in the volleyball tournament! We were quite the studs at it senior week. You must have forgot our motto: Don’t suck.

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