Information overload

24 July 2003
11:56 PM

I was off work today thanks to Utah's state holiday, Pioneer Day. In one of those inexplicable twists, Pioneer Day is bigger than the Fourth of July here in Utah. I like it because I'm a fan of pretty much any no-work holiday.

My dad is moving to a new house, so I spent a couple hours this evening shifting books from his shelf to dozens of boxes. While I packed, I came to one conclusion: there's just too many. Not specifically too many on my dad's shelf — just too many books in general. I saw at least 5 books I'd like to read on the shelves, but they'll likely find their way to the end of my "To Read Someday" after 30 other titles. Maybe I'll just quit school and read them all now. But then, I'll miss all the books I'd be reading in classes, so it's a lose-lose situation. I'm was also a little disheartened when I cleared books out of my own room and saw all the "junk books" I've read over the years.

One book leaped to the top of my list, though. I found a copy of the Portable James Joyce which has both The Dubliners and A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man. I feel compelled to read something by Joyce in the next couple weeks because he graduated from UCD, the Dublin university I will attend starting in September.

On a technical note, I'm working on adding a slight polish to my site's main page, but web design changes so quickly and I haven't bothered to keep up. HTML used to be so easy! Now with CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other acronyms, it's not quite so simple. I'm just waiting for computers to do everything so I can just sit back and read. Unless, at that time, computers will do the reading too, in which case I'll have to rethink my plan.