It begins

30 July 2005
10:43 PM

I woke up at 5:45 this morning. After waking, Dad, Erin, Michael, and I went to the Salt Lake airport where I checked 76lbs. of luggage in 2 suitcases (I tried to pack lightly, but it’s always a challenge). We said our goodbyes, which was sad, and then I was on my way. By coincidence, another Holy Cross Associate was on my flight. After we landed in Chicago, we took the United “Limo” bus to Sound Bend. By 4:30pm, we had arrived.

During the rest of the day, people trickled in from around the country. I’ve met people from Texas, California, Washington, Guam, Maryland, New Jersey, and more. This year Holy Cross has 33 associates. Four of us will be going to Chile, and the rest are divided between the other U.S. locations (Coachella, Calif., Portland, Ore., Colorado Springs, Colo., South Bend, Ind., and Brockton, Mass.).

Our orientation starts tomorrow with an opening Mass. And so it begins….