Mt. Memo

7 May 2006
8:10 PM

Memo on the mountain

The last time you heard about my dog Memo, I was mad that he went and got his ear ripped up in a fight. He’s a feisty one, plus he’s old so he doesn’t listen to me when I tell him to behave. Typical. For his own good, we’ve been keeping him closed in at home. It’s sad to close in a dog who’s used to roaming, but he keeps getting in fights, and worse, losing. This has brought its own challenges because Memo is better at getting out than we are at keeping him in. That’s a different story.

Caitlin and I took a hike up Pocuro Hill on Saturday morning and thought it would be good to bring Memo along. He was excited about our field trip, though generally impatient with our progress as a group; he ran ahead to hurry us up, and back to see why we were so slow. In the end, we made it to the top and saw that Memo was proudly guarding the summit.