Opening Thanks

29 July 2005
3:34 AM

Each associate with Holy Cross is asked to raise $2500 to help defray the cost of travel, language school, and living expenses. Part of the fundraising is obviously practical—we need money and we ask people for it, but I think it’s also a good beginning for the entire experience. Much of our lives is focused on developing independence from other people. Of course, we are more dependent on others than we often realize. When I had to ask other people for financial support, it seemed like the first step of what I am sure will be many of recognizing that dependence.

Some donations I received were unsolicited; they came from friends who heard about my mission with Holy Cross Associates. Others were in response to a few talks I gave at the local Newman Center at Weber State University where I have been attending Mass for 13 years. I was humbled by the sheer number of people who contributed to my trip. As I get ready to begin, I’d like to thank all of these people who have helped me so far:

At Notre Dame:

  • Elizabeth Christian
  • Sean & Margaret Dudley
  • Kate Musica
  • Kate Nienaber
  • Chris Scally
  • Karsten Steinhaeuser
  • Percival Tan
  • Vince Versagli

At the Newman Center in Ogden, Utah:

  • Fr. Charles Cummins
  • Andy Beck
  • Lesli Cole
  • Dave Correll
  • Eileen Devlin
  • Robert & Margie Esquibel
  • Ann & Ken Freimuth
  • James & Maria Gordon
  • M.M. & D.J. Gunther
  • Lyle & Sherri Hansen
  • Michael & Rebecca Hernandez
  • Charles L. Irsik
  • Tom & Noreen Jeffreys
  • Cam Loffredo
  • Mike & Mary McDonough
  • Jean Moore
  • Vicki Pacheco
  • Teresa Panushka
  • A.J. & Renee Radman
  • Theodore & Linda Roybal
  • Maria Russell
  • Sabrina Smith
  • Millard & Susan Talbot
  • John & Maria Vitale
  • Ruby Weaver
  • and other anonymous donors

I’m also very fortunate that my family has been understanding and supportive of my decision to work with Holy Cross for a couple years. So, though they appear last on the list, certainly not the least of my thanks goes to Dad, Mom and Dave, Erin, Michael.