Finals Around the Corner

12 December 2004
3:45 PM

The end of the semester has been packed with activities.

Last Friday, Carroll Hall hosted Carroll Christmas, it's signature event. Last Saturday, we had our winter formal in the Main Building. And last Sunday, I went to a seniors-only Mass and dinner in the stadium press box.

This Sunday, a bunch of seniors went to brunch at Tippecanoe Place. It's a great restaurant in the downtown area, and it was a really nice way to start finals week.

Finals week itself doesn't look too bad. I am already done with 1 of my 5 classes. My senior thesis is due tomorrow. I have exams Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. And then I'm 7/8ths done with college.

The application process with Holy Cross Associates is almost done as well. I turned in my final application last Friday. I've been through the psychological paperwork, clinical interview, and group interview. My final interview is tomorrow morning. I hope it goes well. But as one friend pointed out, the interviewers want to know about me, and I'm more-or-less a certified expert on that subject.