I want a new look

1 December 2005
7:04 AM

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For the past few weeks I’ve spent 15 extra minutes here and there in the Internet cafes making little improvements to my site. The result is a few changes that I’m releasing today as part of my 100-Days-In-South-America-And-Everything’s-Fine celebration. Some of the changes are minor, so here’s an overview for those who are interested:

  • On the front page the news block used to have news that I updated by hand. I use the word “news” losely because I would change it a handful of times each year. Now it automatically shows the two most recent entries in my blog with summaries and links to read more.
  • The last time I added photos to Flickr is also shown at the bottom of the front page.
  • Surveying past blog entries is a little easier now. Select a category (Holy Cross Associates, for example) from the category sidebar on the right and you’ll find two-line summaries of each past article.
  • This blog has a slightly revamped look. If you want to compare, it used to look like this.
  • There are a few additions to the sidebar on the right: a random picture from Flickr and what I’m reading now. Don’t worry—I’m not wasting lots of time typing books in; Amazon does it for me.

Let me know what you think of the changes or if you have any problems.


The new site looks great! I noticed immediately the what you’re reading bit… even before reading this entry. I need to overhaul my site - it has been exactly the same since, oh, July 2004 when I first started it.

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