100 days

1 December 2005
7:13 AM

Today marks my one hundredth day here in South America. We arrived in Bogota, Colombia on Aug. 23. After that we spent eight days in Chile. Since then we’ve been here in and around Cochabamba, Bolivia. I guess that means I’ve been here for awhile, but it doesn’t feel like very long. I suppose the passage of time depends on the kind of days you have and mine aren’t particularly stressful right now. Though I swear some classes last for days.

Our language studies are wrapping up. I finished my textbook last Friday (so I must know Spanish now, right?). We have classes until Dec. 15. Until then I’m practicing several different things. To improve my listening skills I listen to music and try to write down the lyrics. Sometimes I surprise myself; other times I listen to a single line four times before I tell my professor that I have no idea what they’re saying. I have another class to practice composition and another with Caitlin to practice conversation. But if I don’t figure out everything about Spanish by the time we leave, I’ll get plenty of real-world experience in Chile.

Leave a comment to celebrate the non-event of my passing from two-digit days to three-digit days. I figure you shouldn’t just celebrate big things in life because you’ll miss the little important stuff that happens all the time. Here’s to another 100….