What, me, golf?

1 August 2003
1:30 AM

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I don't golf. The closest I've come was a couple weeks ago when we had a driving contest out in front of the ad agency I work at. We drove marshmallows. I missed 2 of 3 and hooked the last one. That said, for some crazy reason I decided to fill in for someone who can't make it to the company golf tournament tomorrow. It will be very interesting to see how it goes. Jim and I went to the driving range tonight and he gave me a few pointers on hitting the ball. Now if I can just remember all 8 key points to a good swing simultaneously, I'll do fine.

On the up side, there are prizes for the top three finishing teams. Better yet, there is also a prize for the team that comes in dead last (not second to last!). Best of all, there is a prize for the shortest drive (while still trying). And with the company picking up the tab and renting clubs for me, it's going to be hard to lose. More on the exciting venture tomorrow.


Hey Ryan, Golf eh? I tried sending you an email a few months past. Anyways I’m just killing time here in Belgium and I thought I’d check in on an old friend. I visit your extremely popular site from time to time. Hope everything is well. Take it easy, Sean

Sean Young

on August 3, 2003 11:04 AM