Move over, Tiger

4 August 2003
12:26 AM

I should be a professional golfer. If I can get prizes anything like the ones I won at the company tournament Friday, I am quitting school now. I won a gift certificate for having the shortest drive for the day (less than 3 yards), a golf ball finder for losing the most balls during the round, and a second gift certificate for being on the last place team. And while we were last place, (my team agreed that we all lacked Tiger Woods's qualities), we were only 6 over par for the course and two strokes behind the closest team.

I contributed a couple good drives and putts to the scramble. In fact, I had the best first drive of the day for my team, though I was in what I like to call a "slump" for most of the day. Overall, the day was lots of fun, and the course we played on was beautiful.

I leave for Minnesota tomorrow to visit Elizabeth. When I come back, I will have 11 short days to prepare to leave the country for 4 months. No problem. I have Rick Steves. More importantly, I have Rick Steves's travel suitcase.