Notre Dame to Berkeley

9 August 2008
5:48 PM

I did my undergraduate studies at Notre Dame in Indiana, and a few years after graduation I’m starting a graduate program at UC Berkeley this fall. A number of people have asked me how I got from a place like Notre Dame to a place like Berkeley. Notre Dame isn’t as conservative as some people suspect, and although liberalism at Berkeley is infamous, it’s not unchanged since the 1960s. But as for how I got from one place to the next I tell people the answer is simple: I-80.

Both schools are just a few blocks from the same highway, it’s just 2200 miles between them.

Notre Dame to UC Berkeley: Drive 2,196 miles.
Map of Notre Dame to UC Berkeley

Fortunately I just drove the leg from Salt Lake City to Berkeley this time. My dad and I spent all day Wednesday and Thursday morning on the road. Now I’m unpacking and getting set up in my new home.