On the road to Temuco

18 February 2006
7:32 PM

Tonight at 10:30 we’re boarding a bus for southern Chile. Yes, again. This time the whole Chile Associate gang is tagging along and bringing some friends. The destination: Temuco, Chile. The reason: we’re building a house with Habitat for Humanity during the upcoming week. I’m somewhat apprehensive because my primary construction skill is hitting my thumb with a hammer. In high school, I did make a ping-pong-ball launching car powered by a mouse trap. It drove 2 meters, and then fired a ping-pong ball 3 meters backwards to land in a bowl with a .5 meter diameter. Basically, I’m banking on being put in charge of that part of the house.

In other project news, we finished repainting our living room earlier today. What was initially a short project quickly became a fiasco when the paint (a) didn’t look like we wanted it to and (b) the paint the store sold us wouldn’t cover the wall, despite their assurances that it would. Go figure. I’m not sure that’s the best experience to have right before leaving to help with a construction project, but hope for the best.

If Internet access is readily available, you can expect updates on the house progress. If not, be patient and you’ll see perhaps more than you want in a week’s time.