Not tasty, Delicious

12 August 2006
7:55 AM


Sometimes it takes me awhile to figure out if a new technology is good for anything I want to do. That’s why I only recently got into Delicious, even though it’s been around for a couple years. Delicious, besides having perhaps the best address on the internet,, is a social bookmarking tool. You use it to bookmark web pages, just like in your browser, except that the bookmarks are stored online. Some of the benefits are easy to see. Since your bookmarks are stored online, you can access them from any computer instead of just one. Other people who are interested in where you surf can visit your links to see what you have bookmarked lately. Delicious also lets you organize bookmarks with tags, and swap them with other people.

Other interesting aspects of Delicious are the result of pooling all this information together. You can tell how popular a page is in part by how many people have bookmarked it, or if a number of people have all bookmarked it recently. Using the information that users provide when they add bookmarks, Delicious can group together pages on similar topics. It’s no coincidence that Yahoo! recently purchased Delicious—doesn’t that kind of information sound like gold to a search engine?

For me, Delicious is particularly handy because I don’t have a computer anymore; by signing it, I can add bookmarks to my list that I can access from any other machine. Thanks to Delicious RSS feeds, it’s also pretty simple to incorporate your bookmarks list into your site. When I have the time, I’ll do just that. For now, you can see my list of bookmarks on their site. Many of the links probably won’t interest you, but you can probably find at least something interesting.


Ryan! I’ve been using since November of 2005! And I thought I was late on the bandwagon! :) I think this is the first time I’ve used a new service before you. What about Google Calendar? Or Google webpages?

Kate inquires about the use of Google Calendar. Let me say that Google Calendar would be unbelievably useful to me if it could interface with my Oracle calendar at work. Sadly, it doesn’t. In fact, it doesn’t interface very well even with the calendar formats it says it can read. Since I HAVE to keep my work calendar, Google Calendar doesn’t make sense unless they can talk to each other. I know this has nothing at all to do with Delicious, but it came to mind reading Kate’s comment.

Since I left home and don’t have my own computer where I can save things, I have relied more and more on web apps. Gmail, Delicious, Google Calendar, and Google Spreadsheet are invaluable, although I don’t need calendars and spreadsheets very much these days.

As for Google calendar not supporting connections to Oracle systems, maybe it will come in the future. In the meantime, it might be worth asking for it.

Cool site Ryan!

I am surprised at some of your links. The 2002 Firework show? As for me, I like using iCal, so it updates on my ipod, which I carry with me just about everywhere. So if I truly am updating iCal alot, I can know what I have going on, from my ipod.

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