Bookin' it

7 February 2006
3:30 PM

After four months of on-again, off-again reading, I finished my first book in Spanish, Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosofal. It was helpful to read in Spanish because I could practice things you don’t hear much in spoken Spanish (you know, like the imperfect subjunctive). Having read all the Harry Potter books before in English, I also had some idea of what was going on when the Spanish left me completely lost.

I have been reading more since I came to South America; there is more time to read, and thanks to years of associates before me, there are plenty of books in our house. I’ve polished off more than 20 books since leaving home. Instead of letting all them blend together in the past, I decided to write short reviews of selected titles. You will see a few appear here in the coming weeks and I’ll continue depending on how much time I have when summer ends, and the kind of feedback I get.