Macho macho ant

10 November 2005
3:20 PM

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My friend Ryan Brown emailed me and asked, “What is it like there? Do you see things like leaf cutter ants?” Strictly speaking, no. I haven’t seen any ants slicing-and-dicing leaves like organic Ginsu knives. But I have seen a surprising number of giant ants carrying leave and other debris that ants have no business carrying. Take, for example, the hormiga (“ant”) shown here. Its leaf must weigh at least as much as the ant. I won’t wax poetic about how the ant stumbled time after time and still struggled onward, nor about its rugged perseverance. That would be silly; it’s just an ant. But I will keep my eyes peeled for those leaf-cutters.


I see you are still quite the writer. I hope you are enjoying your experiences. I just wanted to let you know I am still amazed by your awesome abilities in the areas of writing. Even your grammar and punctuation have stayed in tact.

Ms. Patricia Crosslin

on November 11, 2005 7:28 PM

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