Cochabamba countryside

12 November 2005
5:05 PM

On a daytrip with the Maryknoll Institute today we visited some smaller towns around Cochabamba. It was a nice chance to see the variety of life outside the city. We stopped in four towns, each with the same basic setup: church, town square, small. But there were some interesting twists. How often do you see a church with a neon sign behind the altar? One church had an unusual crucifix sans body but with various items and tools related to the crucifixion. We also saw town kids running around, visiting the local soda shop, and shining shoes. In Tarata, a town famous for its bread, we bought some.

At one town’s market, we had the opportunity to buy pichon. No one knew exactly what pichon was until we saw that the food bore an uncanny resemblance to pigeons. I don’t have any pictures to share, but just imagine the bird with everything but the feathers and skin. On the upside, there weren’t any pigeons flying around. Maybe London and Venice can learn something here….

Visit Flickr for a slideshow of the photos I took today.