So long and thanks for all the hits

1 October 2005
8:50 AM

When you write something, there’s nothing better than knowing that people are actually reading it (unless, of course, what you wrote is a bad term paper, in which case it would be better if no one read it). I say that because I’ve received email from many of you who have been reading and it’s exciting. And, having checked my traffic logs for the month of September, I had more visitors than ever before. Make no mistake—it’s still less than the number of visitors receives in a fraction of a second. But in any event, thanks to everyone who has been reading!

For the next 5 days, until Oct. 5, I’ll be without computer access as we travel to eastern Bolivia to see the Jesuit Reduction missions there. It looks to be an exciting trip, and I’m looking forward to learning about the area. Right now, I know next to nothing. Fortunately, I’ve recruited Patrick, a Jesuit priest who taught about the Jesuit Reductions before coming to school here, to give me lessons on the (long) bus ride. So until then, hasta luego!