Ah, Summer...

1 June 2005
11:05 AM

Summertime boredom has set in. Michael is still in school. Erin is taking organic chemistry and working at the hospital. That leaves me home alone from the time I drop off Michael at the bus stop until about 5:00pm. Sure, I have things to do: thank-yous to send, boxes of junk from college to sort through, and database code to write. It's just hard to do them where the only company you have all day is a crazy black poodle.

Yesterday I drove past a highway sign that said "Boise: 310 miles." I thought Hey—I could be in Boise in 5 hours. I don't know that there is much more to do when you're sitting at home alone in Boise than in Ogden, but that shows you how desperate I am.

After passing the sign, though, things improved briefly. I took Michael to Walmart to buy some of those floating, foam noodles people use in swimming pools. They also make terrific lightsabers, so we had an impromptu duel in the parking lot. Then we debated whether Obi-wan or Yoda is a better Jedi.

Can you believe you're reading this? I'll be honest—I can't.