A Few Less Lakes To See

19 June 2005
12:06 PM

I went to visit Elizabeth in Minnesota last week. The last time I went in 2003, I saw roughly 13 lakes. ("Roughly," because I saw Lake Superior, which is so big that I thought it should count as 2 lakes.) This trip I saw considerably fewer. Elizabeth's family recently moved to Cannon Falls, a small town just south of Minneapolis, where the lake density is markedly lower. In short, I thought I saw 5 more lakes, but one was the Mississippi River and another was a drainage ditch, so my grand total is 16. For those mathematicians out there, 10,000 lakes minus the 16 I've seen leaves 9,984 to see. I think it's going to take many more trips to Minnesota before I even start to make a dent in that number.

It was a relaxing vacation—I went from posting a daily sleep deficit to having a sleep surplus. We went to the horse races for a day where I tried to understand how to make winning bets, while Liz just put her money on Mr. Clever Socks and Lucky Ducky (we both ended up in the loser's column). We saw a Twins game (they lost to San Francisco), a few movies including Madagascar, and went to visit historic Font Snelling. We also played tons of rounds of Sequence, a fun board game with Liz's brothers Tom and Paul.

The trip wasn't all fun and games. We did a little bit of babysitting and we helped Elizabeth's aunt and uncle move into their new house. But I figure it's only fair when you get double-digit hours of sleep.

Now that I'm back home, I'm going to spend my sleep surplus to get some work done. Elizabeth is coming to visit in July, which means I only have a month to get my room clean. It's going to be tight.