Blogs, blogs, blogs

19 October 2005
5:12 PM

Since leaving home, I have helped, instructed, cajoled, or bribed several people to start blogs. This lead to Stephen, one of the people who I helped, calling me The Blogfather. While I don’t think everyone needs or wants a blog, they’re a valuable way to communicate for some people. They’re also a fascinating example of technology making something relatively easy that was once moderately difficult: putting “stuff” on the internet. As a result, you can hear unique stories from people from whom you wouldn’t otherwise.

For that reason, I read with interest a short article in the latest issue of Time, “5 Riveting Soldier Blogs.” It describes 5 blogs written by U.S. soldiers on the ground in Iraq. Anyone who is interested can read about the day-to-day lives of soldiers, as they occur, thanks to blogs and the internet. If the phrase “anyone who is interested” describes you, visit the following:

Of course, we also have the ease of blogging for the partisan political blogfest of Election 2004 and some of the boring stories you find all the time on this Internet of ours. Win some, lose some, no?