My Last Class

21 April 2005
5:47 PM

Today, like most weekdays, I woke up to go to class. But unlike most days, today felt melancholy.

In the past, spring at Notre Dame has been a welcome change from the frigid winter. The sun returns and people actually want to go outside. But this time, spring also brings with it the end. So today, it was with a certain sadness that I walked down the quad, into DeBartolo, and sat down for my last class as an undergraduate.

As of 12:15pm, when I left Evolutionary Medicine with Prof. McKenna's, I'm done with class. And two weeks from today, when I take my accounting final exam, I'll be done with it all. I know that some people are ready to leave. If it was up to me, I'd keep going to class, writing papers, and taking tests for a few more years.

But there's still some time left. Senior week should be a good time. I already bought a slip-n-slide to keep us busy, and we're getting the volleyball courts ready for action.

On a more upbeat note, I also finished my senior thesis today. Now all the relevant parties have their own copies of "A Critique of Searle's Argument Against Cognitivism" by Ryan Greenberg. My guess is that their copies will end up much like mine, forgotten on a shelf collecting dust. I did learn a lot from the project, though, and I'm glad to have done it. But also to have it done.