The last of Chiquitania

13 October 2005
4:12 PM

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I wrote earlier that I would post several shorter stories about our trip to Santa Cruz in lieu of a gigantic monologue. To that end, I wrote about:

And so here we reach the last. When we visited the workshop where Juan Vaca restores the decaying sheets of music, we also saw a woodworking school where men were studying the art. I won’t bore you with my typical lengthy description; it suffices to say I was very impressed watching the woodworkers. Of course, I took pictures. Here’s a glimpse inside the woodworking school:

Woodworking tools
Woodworking tools.

Sculpting Jesus
Sculpting Jesus.

An artisan reproducing a statue
An artisan reproducing a statue.

Nails and sign for cross
Nails and sign for sculpture of Jesus.

And that’s all he wrote. About Chiquitania, at least.


Hey Ryan,

I just discovered your blog. Sounds like things are off to a good start! You certainly are embarking on a plethra of adventures. Elizabeth and I missed you this weekend. Stay in touch.


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