I (Can) Drive All Night

19 June 2004
3:47 PM

Galactic Blue Jetta

Through a series of fortunate events, I am now the excited owner of a new diesel VW Jetta. It's Galactic Blue with a gray interior. I took possession of it with 14.5 miles on the odometer. Thanks to the diesel engine, it gets over 38/city 46/highway miles to the gallon. The handling and shifting are very nice, which you could probably attribute to German automotive engineering.

On the downside, while German automotive engineering is excellent, German cupholder engineering still needs a little work: there are 3 cupholders for 5 people.

If you want to see something cool, check out VW's expensive sports sedan, the Phaeton. If you want to see something ultra-cool, check out VW's Transparent Factory where they build the Phaeton.