South Bend: How Do I Love Thee?

21 March 2004
12:24 PM

Not since days long past has this blog been host to complaints about the irregularity of weather in the Midwest. Break out the champagne glasses because today is that day again. Yesterday, light rain gave way to a gorgeous afternoon that peaked at about 60 F degrees. Today, I sit at my desk watching white snowflakes accumulate on the ground in the "28, feels like 15" weather outside. To answer the question raised in the subject: not in thy weather, for sure.

In other news, I set a personal record this week. Email used to be a fun task, and hearing "You've Got Mail!" evoked thoughts of Christmas morning. No more. Thanks to my increased involvement with Scholastic, I received over 100 non-junk emails and sent more than 60 in the past 5 days. I'm sure this count pales in comparison to business executives and secretaries everywhere, but it seems like a lot for a student.

Temperatures are low, but spirits are high. This week Scholastic's annual Sarcastic issue comes out, which is our one chance each year to pretend we work for The Onion. Moving right along....