My first corporate sponsorship

20 August 2003
11:25 PM

Since I decided to take Thursday and Friday off before I leave for Europe on Saturday, today was my last day at Riester~Robb. You really couldn't ask for a much better end to a summer job: it was a light work day, mostly filled with cleaning up, finishing what projects I could, and a few errands. The company took me out to lunch at Chevy's. And, at the end of the day, they gave me a company tote bag, a great Swiss Army travel alarm clock, and a corporate sponsorship for my upcoming European travels as a thank you.

So if you just happen to be somewhere in the 3,837,000 miles of Europe and see a confused American wandering around with a map, wearing a backpack suitcase, and sporting a golf shirt with the Riester~Robb logo, stop me and say hi. And if you need a full-service advertising agency in the Salt Lake, Phoenix, or Venice, CA region, I suggest you give us a call.