Saving time-the long way

18 August 2003
7:27 PM

My sister is reading Heart of Darkness for her English class. The book is only 80 pages, but it has 300 some pages of critical essays tacked on at the end, which are sure to be great fodder for the exam. Since Apocalypse Now is based on Heart of Darkness, and that movie is set in Vietnam, I recommended she just watch Forrest Gump and pay extra attention to the parts where Forrest is making his way through the Vietnam jungle. Problem solved--that'll save lots of time.

But maybe I should spend less time thinking of such brilliant ways to save other people time and try to figure out how to save some of my own. These days leading up to my departure Saturday have been both action-packed and busy. Well, at least busy. Last Friday I helped my dad move to a new house. We decided to go the not-use-professional-moving-help route and go it alone with friends and a Ryder truck. The end result was that, when I woke up Saturday morning, I could barely stand up. Saturday and Sunday I spent almost 15 hours trying to finish this Scholastic project. It is taking much, much longer than I anticipated.

In other busy news, work is wrapping up. I'll be done Wednesday. Today was an exciting day, though, because our creative director sent me on the spur of the moment to supervise the quickie production of a few radio spots for Casino Arizona. Hopefully I didn't mess things up too much.

Life is like a box of chocolates. You think you're going to have time to eat them all, but then you don't. Or something like that.