Reading Europe

21 July 2003
2:18 AM

I've been reading from my newest delivery, Rick Steves's Europe Through the Back Door. It's a great book with what I hope will be lots of ways to make traveling in Europe easier. It's hard to believe that in just about a month I will be in Dublin. There only catch is that I arrive 3 weeks before classes start, so I will have to, as one of my travel partners put it, "traipse around Europe."

Right now I'm brainstorming how I can track my travel online with this system. Ideally, it would involve satellite telephones, GPS locators, and digital photography. Ultimately, it will probably involve text. We'll see.

One might think that being away from school might reduce the amount of work I'm doing for Scholastic. Well, if one thought that, one would be wrong. I've been working in collaboration with the other four executive editors to write the equivalent of a book that could be called "Life, Scholastic, and Everything." For my part, all I have to do is write all I know about computers. Or something like that.