MovableType Online

16 July 2003
11:58 AM

Today I finally went live with my new blogging system, provided by the folks at MovableType. Blogger is old news. It was getting difficult to use without paying for their service because I don't have convenient access to an SFTP server. But enough of that. Here's some real info...

What are some of the advantages of this new system? Well, readers can post comments on my posts if they are so inclined. It should be noted that I plan to exercise dictatorial rule over those comments, deleting worthless ones with my remorseless internet will. Feel free to post, but bear that in mind.

The look of this blog doesn't really match that of the rest of my site, and that was keeping me from bringing it online for awhile. But, recalling my slogan of less fluff, more stuff, I decided to bring it anyway.

One final note: I am slowly bringing entries over from my old system with Blogger. Until then, you'll just have to wait. Back to business.